Tarot Visual Journaling 9 Bringing Back Balance

Bringing Back Balance – The Twos in Tarot

In this workshop you will be in sacred partnership with the tarot, divining how to bring balance into your life by creating and writing. You will be working with the Two of Cups, Two of Pentacles, Two of Swords, Two Wands, II The High Priestess, XI Justice and XX Judgement (whose root numbers are 2.)




  • Tarot deck
  • Journal or two sheets of black paper
  • Glue stick, scissors, craft knife, cutting board
  • Art supplies:   pens and pencils, paint, colored pencils, collage materials etc…
  • Tarot images. You can print photocopies of the cards you pull or use a tarot deck that you no longer use for readings. You can also create your own tarot cards using collage, drawing or painting. 
  • Make two copies of print out this template. PDF: scales




Create a sacred space and make sure you will be undisturbed.

Take a few deep breaths and ground yourself.

Go through your tarot deck and pull out the The High Priestess, Justice and Judgement, Two of Cups, Two of Pentacles, Two of Swords, Two of Wands. Lay them out on a table.  Take a moment to really look at the imagery and think about how these cards represent equilibrium for you. Note that I am using Justice as card XI not VIII as it appears in older decks.

ii-the-high-priestessII The High Priestess initiates us into a relationship with our divine inner knowing. She teaches us to look beyond the obvious and become aware of the magic in our lives.


xi-justiceXI Justice teaches us to weigh our actions with the outcome. A just world is a world in balance where fairness reigns.


xx-judgementXX Judgement is an awakening to the truth of what we believe, we receive. We answer the call to transform into a new way of being by using our good judgement – our higher self or intuition.


two-of-cupsThe Two of Cups is a card of relationship. Sometimes a lover or spouse is reffered to as ones other half, their complementary energy brings us into a place of balance and wholeness.


two-of-pentaclesThe Two of Pentacles is about balancing our bodies, work and finances. In this busy world it is important to learn how to juggle the many physical tasks we do in a graceful and balanced way.


two-of-swordsTwo of Swords encourages us to look within at our own mindset in order to make decisions. We are balanced when we protect ourselves from being influenced by too much outside opinion.


two-of-wandsThe Two of Wands teaches us that harmony between spirit and creativity has the ability to transform the world. We come into our power when we integrate our life force with helping others.


Shuffle the remaining cards and pull a card to answer the questions that each of the Twos ask.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS asks what wisdom resides within you?

JUSTICE asks how can you balance your inner sense of justice with the laws of the Universe?

JUDGEMENT asks what wake up call do you need to pay attention to?

TWO OF CUPS asks what will connect you to your other half?

TWO OF PENTACLES asks how do you maintain equilibrium while reaching for your goals?

TWO OF SWORDS asks what decision can you make by trusting your own inner knowing?

TWO OF WANDS asks how you might use your energy in your own realm as well as in the outer world?

When you have pulled a card for each of the questions spend some time looking at this spread. It may seem like a riddle but trust that you are receiving a divine plan on how to bring balance into your life.

Art Project

There are many ways to create your visual journal page. I would like to encourage you to improvise and go with your creative energy. You want this to be a record of your reading, so somehow make sure you have the question and the card you pull in response in your art pages. Other than that you are free to use what you most enjoy, pencils, paint, collage…


Here is how I made these pages:

Cut out the scales leaving a thin white border around the ink drawing. Using a craft knife cut between the chains.

Glue scales onto black pieces of paper or painted black pages in your journal.

Write or print the questions and paste them onto the pages. Place the majors – High Priestess,  Justice and Judgement on the first page and the four minor Twos on the second page. You can also use collage image to represent them or draw and paint them.

Paste or create the cards you pulled below or next to the corresponding question.


Read the questions again.

Look at the cards and how they relate. Imagine them in dialogue. How might the Twos advise the cards you pulled? How might the cards you pulled answer?

Write in your journal about the spread. You can also write on separate pages and attach them to the art pages.

Once you feel like you understand the message of the cards you pulled, find a short, succinct phrase or affirmation to express it and write that in the scales.

Read the question out loud and then read the phrase/affirmation. Embody them and come into balance.


Click this link to download a PDF of this workshop: bringing-back-balance



If you would like to share your pages or just your thoughts please join the Facebook Tarot Visual Journaling Group

I hope that this workshop helps you find balance in your life,

Lisa de St. Croix