“Lisa is a great leader, teacher, and an inspiration. Her insight is amazing.” Ann Brendon 


Learn Tarot in four lessons. Lisa has put together a comprehensive course teaching the meaning and symbolism of Tarot cards. You will learn how to trust your intuition and read cards in a variety of spreads. Classes are one on one in person, or online. Each class is approximatly an hour long. The course includes a Tarot de St. Croix deck, handouts and homework. $444



Experience this profound and creative workshop in Lisa’s beautiful Santa Fe studio. Beginning with a Tarot reading Lisa will determine your unique life cards. You will then be guided in a meditation to meet your tarot archetypes. From a deeply relaxed and open place you will intuitively create a piece of art from your visions. A variety of art supplies are provided such as collage material including tarot imagery and acrylic paint to work on a hardboard panel.  Artists and those who are new to art making are both welcome. Lisa offers instruction and feedback. You will return home with a piece of art that reflects your soul and will work as a guide to lead you through this life journey. Studio session by appointment including a tarot reading and art supplies $300 (approximately 3 hours)


“Lisa’s guidance leads to transformative and informative experiences about the self.” Agnes

“I was amazed at what I was able to create. Lisa unlocked the artist in me that was trying to get out. I felt so free in expressing myself.” Lori Novoa

“Lisa opened the dream of the tarot for me while lighting the path for my own creativity to interplay within the deep well of the tarot’s symbolism. Working with Lisa is a beautiful experience.” Pam Bailey



Tarot vj e

Tarot Visual Journaling is a creative exploration into tarot through art and journal writing. Tap into your own deep well of wisdom and discover new personal insights while learning the meaning and symbolism behind the cards. These workshops are for both the beginner and advanced students of tarot. Lisa’s e-workshops are designed for those who wish to create in their own space, at their own pace.  There is no time limit and these workshops are not live. Each workshop has an art project, tarot teachings,  journaling prompts and a downloadable PDF of the class. If you wish to share your finished piece and enjoy discussion join our Facebook group. Each Workshop is $22. For a complete listing of workshops please visit: Tarot Visual Journaling eWorkshops

“I have found that these projects have been incredibly eye opening. May the blessings that you have brought be returned manyfold to you.” Stephanie Cox