My mission is to bring messages and awaken your intuition through art, tarot and oracles

My introduction to Tarot began at the age of eleven when I accompanied my mother to a Tarot reading in Johannesburg, South Africa. As the predictions came true over the following year – my parents divorcing, my mother moving to Spain to live on the Mediterranean with her new husband – my concept of destiny and faith awoke. As a young woman I moved to New York to attend the School of Visual Arts where I received a Bachelor of Fine Art and developed a style of mystical painting. A few years later my mother died, and the old Marseille deck she received from that Tarot Reader in Johannesburg came back to me through mysterious ways, and awakened my interest in divination. After a shamanic journey where I was instructed to paint the Tarot I began a five year journey creating Tarot de St. Croix. Synchronicity was my guide as I divined each card I painted. Excited by the positive international response to my Tarot deck, I have painted and published three more decks –Sacred Union Oracle, Invoking the Goddess Oracle, and de St. Croix Lenormand Oracle,


“Card after card, you accumulate this realization that you’re looking at brilliance. There is a deeply spiritual and mystical dimension to the Tarot de St. Croix.” Benebell Wen

Tarot de St. Croix transcends time to portray the tapestry of life. Although the images in this deck are unique, they still hold the essence of the universal archetypes. The visual metaphors are inspiring and easy to understand and carry information that can guide us on our journey through life. Acting as a visual encyclopedia of the soul, Tarot de St. Croix helps find answers to the big questions. 


As we move from a focus on interiority, back to the value of interconnectedness Lisa de St. Croix brings our awareness to the sacredness of relationship. Her images are a prism of the holy in cultures around the world, expressing the common heart thread while highlighting and honoring their unique offerings. Each image bears its own magical love gift for our meditation.” Marina Aguilar

Sacred Union Oracle is a deck that explores relationships and what it means to be in sacred union. Deities and historical figures from many cultures are archetypes and guides. Each card gives an oracle that tells their story and an action to enhance your life and your relationships.


“There’s a nurturing energy to Invoking the Goddess, a soft yet powerful presence, and it feels maternal. Absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend that you take a closer look at this deck and consider it for your collection.” Benebell Wen

Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action is a round deck of thirty-three Goddesses. On the back of each card the Goddess speaks to you directly as an oracle that invokes the archetypal qualities within you. Each Goddess gives you an action to incorporate into your activities. Goddesses from different cultures all around the world are represented. Many of the Goddesses are iconic, a few obscure Goddesses are also included.


“I received my de St. Croix Lenormand deck today and I am absolutely delighted! The minimalist in me loves loves, loves the simplicity.  The practical side of me appreciates that the cards have all the information needed.  The whimsical in me just adores the lovely colorful cheerfulness! “ Jeanine

de St. Croix Lenormand offers a new look at the thirty six symbols used in Lenormand decks. The images are universal and easy to understand. Lisa added an extra man and woman to the third edition to give relationship options. The cards answer questions and give possibilities for the future.


“Lisa uses her own decks through which she channels exactly what is up for me in the moment. Her deep wisdom and compassion translates the cards in a very intuitive and meaningful way. I highly recommend Lisa’s readings and her insightful decks!”  Duija Ros

Do you have something on your mind that you are perplexed about? Are you going through a transition and could use some support? The ancient system of Tarot offers guidance on a soul level addressing emotions, body, mind and spirit. I give readings with the decks I have created to give you insight and possibilities. We can meet in person or do readings through email, video calls or phone. Gift certificates are available and can be mailed directly to your recipient. Readings are $88 for approximately 44 minutes.



“Lisa is a great leader, teacher, and an inspiration. Her insight is amazing.” Ann Brendon

I have been teaching art and tarot for twenty two years at international conferences, at Meetups, online and in my Santa fe studio. Some of my offerings are: Visionary Art Experience, Learning Tarot, and Tarot Visual Journaling. LIST of WORKSHOPS