Sacred Union Oracle

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Sacred Union Oracle is a deck that explores relationships and what it means to be in sacred union. Deities and historical figures from many cultures are archetypes and guides. Each card gives an oracle that tells their story and an action to enhance your life and your relationships.

The cards are 6″ x 3″ and are shaped like altar cards with an arch top. The bamboo card holder is an invitation to place your card on an altar, in a shrine or simply in view. Printed on heavy card stock, the cards have the image on one side and the oracle and action on the back.

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As we move from a focus on interiority, back to the value of interconnectedness Lisa de St. Croix brings our awareness to the sacredness of relationship. Her images are a prism of the holy in cultures around the world, expressing the common heart thread while highlighting and honoring their unique offerings. Each image bears its own magical love gift for our meditation.” – Marina Aguilar

“Sacred Union Oracle is an altar in a box. These paintings are luminous and full of life and will leave you awestruck and breathless. The arched cards are gateways marking the thresholds between the profane and the divine; a holy temple unto itself, Sacred Union Oracle can be used as daily devotionals. Inspiring personal spirituality, this will be one of your most prized decks. Her paintings inspire and uplift your mind into the realm of the spiritual.” – Benebell Wen

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  1. Duija

    This is a unique oracle deck about the different qualities in relationship. My partner and me use it often to see what we can focus on together. The cards are visually stunning with beautiful colors and images. I love this deck!

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