Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action is a round deck of thirty-three Goddesses lovingly created by Lisa de St. Croix. Lisa believes that the Divine Feminine is here to help and guide us at this auspicious time on the planet, that there is a shift in the social paradigm toward women claiming their power. This deck serves as a point of focus on what we can do individually on our own path of self-discovery, which in turn will ripple outward bringing alignment, nurturance, love, creativity and magic.

Lisa’s process was to call in the Goddess as she painted and wrote. She felt the presence of the Goddess guiding her, and was both awed and humbled.

On the back of each card the Goddess speaks to you directly as an oracle that invokes the archetypal qualities within you. Each Goddess gives you an action to incorporate into your activities. Goddesses from different cultures all around the world are represented. Many of the Goddesses are iconic, a few obscure Goddesses are also included.  

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Each card, 4.4″ diameter, has an image of the Goddess on one side and an oracle in the voice of the Goddess and a symbol, keyword and action to follow on the other side. The round, standard weight cards are housed in a round box. $39 plus shipping.



“There’s a nurturing energy to Invoking the Goddess, a soft yet powerful presence, and it feels maternal. Absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend that you take a closer look at this deck and consider it for your collection.” Benebell Wen  Review

In the original paintings of Goddesses, Lisa de St. Croix used a layered wash technique to create vivid, saturated watercolor paintings. Lisa learnt this technique while studying Sacred Painting at the Harish Johari house in Haridwar, India.

Fine art prints are available for any of the Goddess paintings 8″ x 8″ for $66. Two week delivery for US orders with free shipping. International orders  should be delivered in three weeks and a shipping surcharge will be added. Please contact Lisa to order: lisadestcroix@hotmail.com

All images © Lisa de St. Croix 2019