Invoking the Goddess Oracle

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In this round deck, thirty-three Goddesses from around the world share their wisdom in allegiance with your own path of self-discovery. Each Goddess speaks to you directly as an oracle and suggests an inspired action. This deck serves as a point of focus on what we can do individually on our own path of self-discovery, which in turn will ripple outward bringing alignment, nurturance, love, creativity and magic. 

The image of the Goddess is on one side with the oracle and action on the other side. The round cards are 4.4″ in diameter printed on standard weight matte cardstock, housed in a round box.

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“There’s a nurturing energy to Invoking the Goddess, a soft yet powerful presence, and it feels maternal. Absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend that you take a closer look at this deck and consider it for your collection.” Benebell Wen 

2 reviews for Invoking the Goddess Oracle

  1. Rachel

    Such a beautiful and magical deck! I highly recommend it. I have bought quite a few Goddess oracle decks over the years but this is the only one still remaining in my collection! The art is timelessly gorgeous—I love the finely painted style! And the production quality is great: the images sharp, the colors vivid, the box is sturdy, and the card stock is flexible yet durable.

    I also love the layout of the cards, front and back. The front design of the goddess amidst a backdrop of rich gradient color gives off a radiating glow and specific mood to each figure, which helps you immediately tap into their unique energies. I appreciate that there is a wide variety of goddesses from around the world represented and most importantly, that each of their portrayals is respectful to their culture of origin. The back of the cards have a stanza of lovely poetry, then an associated symbol, and a final keyword and message. I really like that the information component to each card is concise, yet there’s still depth to it.

    I purchased this deck back in 2019 and still use it on regular basis. I find that it has a special and comforting energy. It feels both sacred and accessible. Tactilely it is good in the hands, yet also a stunning piece of art when on display or to meditate with. I do hope there is an expansion or part II for it one day, (but only if Lisa is inspired to)! For now I’m grateful to have this in my collection. Thank you Lisa for your incredible artistry!

  2. Duija

    I am in love with my Goddess deck from Lisa de St. Croix! I love the beautiful paintings, with her special water color technique and the round card shape and really appreciate I the insight the cards give me.

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