de St. Croix Lenormand

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de St. Croix Lenormand is a contemporary deck that offers a new look at a 200 year old divination system, that provides answers to your questions through 36 oracular symbols and cartomancy. These cards were originally painted in layers of watercolor washes that gives a vibrant luminosity to the cards. The images are universal and easy to understand. The history of this deck began in Germany as the Game of  Hope. The deck gained popularity throughout Europe and was later named after Madame Lenormand – a famous French psychic who read for Josephine Bonaparte.

The cards are 2.25″ x 3.5″ printed on matte card stock. They come with instructional cards housed in a clear box.

To place a wholesale order (10 or more decks), please contact me.

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“I received my de St. Croix Lenormand deck today and I am absolutely delighted! It is exactly what I have been searching high and low for. The minimalist in me loves loves, loves the simplicity.  The practical side of me appreciates that the cards have all the information needed.  The whimsical in me just adores the lovely colorful cheerfulness!  I am very happy to own this lovely Lenormand deck.” Jeanine

1 review for de St. Croix Lenormand

  1. Duija

    I never had encountered a Lenormand deck before but I find myself using it a lot because it is a very direct way of getting answers to questions I have. The cards are so beautiful and have supported me through many cross roads on the way. Thank you Lisa de St Croix!

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