Tarot Visual Journaling 5 Calling Down the Moon

Calling Down the Moon

Reflecting Moon e

The moon has a powerful effect on nature and on our emotions. In this eWorkshop we will explore the Moon card in tarot and be doing a special spread calling down the moon. Creating art and writing about how we relate to the moon will give us insight on how we can harness the energy of the moon.


  • A tarot deck.
  • A journal – I suggest using a sturdy multi-media sketchbook (I use Strathmore Visual Journal). You can also use paper and keep them in a binder.
  • A piece of cardstock or heavy paper, compass (or something to draw a circle – you can use a small plate to trace an outline), scissors, rivet, craft knife, ruler and cutting board.
  • Art supplies such as:  glue,  pens and pencils, protractor, paint, colored pencils, collage pictures etc. You don’t need to purchase these, just use what you have.
  • Tarot images. You can print small photocopies of the cards you pull in your spread as well as the Moon card and possibly the back of a card. You can also create your own tarot cards using collage, drawing or painting.

The Moon in Tarot


The Moon is the card of mystery and intuition. As the Moon waxes and wanes so do our feelings. If we dive deep into our emotions, we will find a way through the dark night of the soul and once again will be illuminated.

The Moon teaches us to see illusion for what it is. The moon is always the same but the light from the sun and the shadow of the earth change how we perceive it. We can learn from the moon, how to discern between shadow material and ego and what is really at the core.

When the Moon is full we can see in the darkness, it illuminates what is often hidden.


Tarot Spread for Calling down the Moon

If possible charge your tarot deck by placing it so the light of the full moon shines on it for a few minutes or even all night.

It is particularly powerful to do this spread on the full moon, somewhere where you can see the moon.

Call down the Moon by raising your arms to the moon asking for guidance, to speak to you through this tarot spread and in your visual journaling.

If you are unable to be in the light of the full moon use creative visualization by imagining yourself in an open, outdoor space with the full moon shining down on you.


Shuffle your cards and ask:


Pull a card and set it aside.

Shuffle your deck again while asking:


Pull a card for this question.

Shuffle your deck once more and ask:


Pull a card.

Spend some time contemplating the three cards you pulled. Find the Moon card in your deck and look at the relationship between the three cards and the Moon card.

Give thanks to the Moon and ground your energy.


Art Project

MoonMake small photo copies of the three cards you pulled as well as the Moon card. When you size them, keep in mind they will fit behind the white cardstock circle/moon and that you will be cutting a door to see them.

You can also draw images or make collages for your cards.

Draw a circle on the cardstock using your compass (make sure it will fit on your journal page). Cut the circle out with a pair of scissors. I will now refer to this white circle as the moon.

Trace the outline of one of your cards/photo-copies onto the cardstock. Using a craft knife and ruler, cut the top, right and bottom lines. Score the fourth side lightly with the back edge of your scissors so that you can fold the door back and are able to open and close it.

FullSizeRender (1)Poke the rivet through the compass hole at the center and then through your journal page and open it so the moon can spin.

Open the door on the moon and trace the outline of the door onto the journal page three times. Lift off the moon and glue your card images onto the journal page in the outlines, so that you can see them when the door is opened. Replace the rivet.

Now you have many creative options. Here are some suggestions:

Glue your moon card to the front of the door, or in my case I placed the back of my card on the door as it happens to have the moon.

FullSizeRender (2)Write the question on either side of the door, or on the facing page

Leave the front of the door blank so it is mysterious.

Title your page.

I painted the pages with midnight blue acrylic craft paint and then a top layer of glitter paint to look like stars.

I used a metallic gel pen to write around the moon and beneath it.

On the opposite page I drew thirteen moons in their different phases using a protractor (360 divided by 13 = 27.7 degrees)

I  encourage you to have fun with your own creative ideas.


Calling down the Moon


Look at each card and write about how they answer the question. You can use your knowledge of tarot or look up the meaning of the card. Make this practical writing visible on your page.

Once you have done this first exploration, I would like you to place the Moon card next to each card and then answer the question again in a more intuitive way, tapping into the Moon’s hidden wisdom. You can hide this writing behind the Moon, so that it is secret and visible only when the door opens between the cards.


Click this link to download a PDF of this workshop:  Tarot Visual Journaling eWorkshop 02 Calling down the Moon


If you would like to share your pages or just your thoughts please join the Facebook Tarot Visual Journaling Group

May the power of the Moon reveal what wants to be illuminated, wane and wax in your life,

Lisa de St. Croix