Tarot Visual Journaling 7 Becoming the Star

Becoming the Star 


The Star in Tarot de St. Croix shows Nut – the Egyptian Sky Goddess bringing rain to the Nile over her daughter Isis’ temple at Philae. In Egypt the rains arrive when Sirius shines in the night sky, bringing fertility to the land. The Star brings a time of renewal and inspiration with the outcome of success.  The Star offers you hope for your wishes to come true. The secret is to believe.







  • A tarot deck.
  • A journal – I suggest using a sturdy multi-media sketchbook (I use Strathmore Visual Journal). You can also use paper and keep your projects in a binder.
  • A piece of cardstock, craft knife, ruler, cutting board, thread and needle.
  • Art supplies such as:  glue, pens and pencils, paint, colored pencils, collage pictures etc.
  • Tarot images. You can print small photocopies of the cards you pull in your spread as well as the Star card. You can also create your own tarot cards using collage, drawing or painting.
  • Print this seven pointed star on cardstock by clicking this Star template for a 4″ square pdf. Or you can trace or draw the Star.

Star template

 Star of the Seven Sisters 

 Seven legendary priestesses bearing this name were said to have founded major oracle shrines in the ancient world. Barbara Walker – Symbols and Sacred Objects

The Star is number seventeen in the major arcana. You may wonder why I have used seven for this project instead of seventeen. Well, this workshop is blessing you with good fortune (X Wheel of Fortune) to move you toward your goals (VII The Chariot.)

Seven pointed Star spread

The Questions in this tarot spread will ignite the ability within you to shine, to be your best.

Divining the cards will bring guidance from the heavens.

Before doing this spread make sure you will be undisturbed. Light a candle, smudge or whatever might enhance the sacredness of this time. Take a moment to ground yourself and ask the cards to reveal your inner light.

Shuffle the cards. Ask the questions out loud and pull a card for each one, trusting that you will be guided.

What is my wish?

What will help make my wish come true?

What wants to come to me from the heavens?

What or who do I need in my constellation?

How shall I navigate my path to success?

What can I hope for?

How shall I twinkle?


Art Project

Place the cardstock print-out of the star on a cutting board. With a craft knife cut out the star, work slowly and carefully. I cut free hand but you can use a ruler along the edges, if that is easier for you.cutting star

I painted the background midnight blue using craft acrylic paint. Once it dried I painted a second layer of clear glitter paint to give the effect of distant stars.  You can use other mediums to create a night sky or find a magazine image to paste into your journal.

Write or print the questions onto the page.Star 1

Glue photocopies of the cards you pulled beneath the questions. You can also make small cards of your own.

Attach the Star to the page using a thread and needle so it floats over the page.

On the opposite page paste the Star card or make your own image of what the Star card means to you.

I carried the blue across both pages to make it one piece.


Look at the questions again and meditate on the cards you drew in the spread, allowing your own interpretation to surface. Notice details in the imagery, how does the card make you feel and how does it answer the question?  Now, spend some time journaling about what you can do to let your light shine. No playing small here, you are the Star of your own life! Let your intuition talk, pour out your heart in a stream of brilliant stardust.

Star 2



Click this link to download a PDF of this workshop: Becoming the Star PDF


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I hope you fully accept the Star that you are.


Lisa de St. Croix