Tarot Visual Journaling 2 Relationships


Relationship spread

With this simple tarot spread and visual journal project I offer a creative way to explore an important relationship in your life. You will be spending some time paying attention to who you both are, what is the heart of the matter and an action to take to bring you closer or resolve an issue. I hope this workshop offers some new insight and growth to you.



This is a suggested supply list , however you can do this project in many ways using what you already have at home.

  • A tarot deck.
  • A journal – I suggest using a sturdy multi-media sketchbook (I use Stathmore Visual Journal) or four pieces of paper, multi media paper is best for watercolor, regular paper will work for  the tissue paper technique.
  • Watercolors. I am using an inexpensive set made by Prang. If you have tubes of watercolor we will be using blue, green and purple. Medium size round watercolor brush (there is one in the Prang set). Container of water.
  • And/or tissue paper – watery colors such as aqua, blues, greens, purples.
  • Craft/X-acto knife or scissors, glue stick, pencil, pen.
  • Cutting board, wax paper.
  • Paper towels,
  • Tarot images. You can print photocopies of the four cards you pull or perhaps use a tarot deck that you don’t use for readings anymore. You can also create  your own tarot cards or use photos of you and your beloved.

Play video for instructions:  View video


Relationship Tarot Spread

Court Cards

Pull all sixteen court cards out of your deck: the Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. Some decks may have other names for them.

Look through the court card and select one for yourself in terms of who you are in this relationship and what you bring to the relationship and which characteristics you share with this court card. Choose a court card for the other person you are working with. Select the card that best describes your beloved – who the beloved is in this relationship and what they bring to the relationship. You can also choose the card by a physical resemblance or stage of life. Pages are youthful, Knights are young adults and Queens and Kings mature.

Here are the court cards from Tarot de St. Croix with a brief description:

  PAGE OF CUPS is sensitive, emotive and vulnerable. 

 PAGE OF PENTACLES experiences the world with a sense of wonder and imagination and approach projects with youthful exuberant energy.

 PAGE OF SWORDS has an open mind, eager to learn. 

 PAGE OF WANDS transform old paradigms into something new and playful.

 KNIGHT OF CUPS welcomes the flow of feelings, following and acting from the heart.

 KNIGHT OF PENTACLES turns ideas into reality by energizing and developing projects.

 KNIGHT OF SWORDS is decisive, cuts through clouded thinking.

 KNIGHT OF WANDS searches for meaning, is on a spiritual quest.

 QUEEN OF CUPS is authentic, kind and accepting. 

 QUEEN OF PENTACLES is the sensuous embodiment of abundance; nurturing and generous.

 QUEEN OF SWORDS is a warrior for truth and justice, clear and focused.

 QUEEN OF WANDS inspires and leads others to find their own power and creativity.

 KING OF CUPS is wise, loving and compassionate because he feels all his emotions intensely. 

 KING OF PENTACLES enjoys abundance and all sensory pleasure.

 KING OF SWORDS uses sound judgement and cuts through confusion by speaking the truth in a firm and fair way. He stands in the power of his divine right to follow his own mind.

 KING OF WANDS is a spiritual master.



The Cups relate to emotions and water. Find the ten remaining cup cards in your deck; ace through ten. Shuffle them asking for guidance in this relationship.

Pull a cup card to represent the heart of the matter. This card will indicate what it is in your relationship that you need to pay attention to.

Pull another card to see what action is required, or what solution is being offered. This card will give you something to do in order to see growth, healing or new energy in the relationship.

Here are the cup cards from Tarot de St. Croix with a brief explanation.

 ACE OF CUPS The full moon and wave indicate high emotions. The glass of champagne toasts positive feelings. Meaning: Enjoy a surge of emotions particularly love, gratitude, hope and joy.

TWO OF CUPS Water is the realm of the heart; of flowing feelings. The two lovers are linked in a union of celebration. Meaning: Two hearts join together in love; complimenting each other 

 THREE OF CUPS Three friends gather to play a game, enjoying companionship whilst sharing stories. Meaning: Cherish friendship and emotional bonds with people.

 FOUR OF CUPS A man enjoys watching the sunset over the ocean. He has sovereignty over his life, he knows what is enough. Meaning: Being able to discern what makes you feel good.

 FIVE OF CUPS A woman wanders in a bleak landscape; the birds reflected in the spilt wine symbolize her empty nest.  Ahead is a bridge leading back to two full standing cups.  Meaning: Grieve for what is lost but acknowledge what still remains.

 SIX OF CUPS The little girl is focused on giving her playmates exactly what they most desire; symbolized by what is in their cups. Meaning: By opening your heart to friendship and love; it is returned.

 SEVEN OF CUPS The tea leafs in the cups represent fantasies, hopes and dreams. Meaning: Tune into the feelings your visions evoke and make a choice which ones to manifest.

 EIGHT OF CUPS A waterfall in Havasupai in the Grand Canyon flows into a series of eight pools. Meaning: Emotional strength is not about overcoming our feelings but instead immersing ourselves in them until we can release them and move with the flow. 

 NINE OF CUPS Angels take turns filling the resplendent woman’s cup. Meaning: Wish fulfillment.

 TEN OF CUPS Friends and family celebrate with a champagne toast. Meaning: Emotional contentment, a card of appreciation and gratitude.


Art Project

The Heart

If you are working in a sketchbook journal, flip to the second blank page and draw one half of a large heart with a pencil. Using either an x-acto knife ( place your cutting board behind) or a pair of scissors; cut on the line. Discard the outer part, leaving the half heart attached. You can then use the half heart as a template to draw on the third page, once again cut on the line and discard the outer part. You should now have a symmetrical heart between two other blank pages. If you like you can paint both sides of the heart red and let them dry. Use cardboard or wax paper behind to keep the other pages clean.

On the two outer pages you can do one or both of the following techniques or even come up with your own depiction of water using collage or colored pencils or what ever you have.


Watercolor Ripples

Watercolor ripplesMix two colors that remind you of water. I used aqua – mixing blue and green watercolors with water in the pan and a darker blue using blue and purple with water.

Dip a round brush into one of the colors so it is laden with paint. At the left top corner, place the tip of the brush on the paper and make a wavy line. As you travel right to left, push down on the brush so the line gets wider, then begin to raise the brush to the tip again, so the wavy line has thicker and thinner parts. Rinse your brush and with the second color, paint with the same motion. Alternate between the two colors. Fill the entire sheet.



Tissue Paper

Tissue paperTear one inch strips of different colored tissue paper the width of your page. Choose colors that represent water to you. Arrange the strips on the page with some white between. You can overlap some strips to create beautiful transparent colors. Beginning at the top draw a glue stick stripe the width of your torn strip and then lay down the tissue paper, smoothing it with your fingers. Continue over the whole page.


Tarot Imagery

Heart vjMake photo copies of the two cup and two court cards or find photographs of you and your beloved that have some quality relating to the court cards you have chosen.  Another option is to create your own cards by finding collage images to use such as royalty, numbers, cups, crowns, visors etc….

On the inside open heart, paste the court cards of you on one side and your beloved on the other.

On the back, single side of the heart glue down the two cup cards.

If you have used photos or created your own cards write or rubber stamp the names of each card.




Print out or copy the four questions and place them above the cards.

What do I bring to the relationship?

What does my beloved bring to the relationship?

 What is the heart of the matter?

 What action shall we take?

Read the question, look at the card and write the first things that come to mind. When we journal, we usually are writing for ourselves and do not edit or try to make a perfect piece of literature. Let your raw feelings flow.  Let your heart speak, not your mind or inner critic. Trust the process. Be brave and authentic.

You can write between the ripples of water, around the cards on the heart or even glue on pieces of paper, cards or put secret writing in a sealed envelope. This is your creation, go with your own flow.



Click this link to download a PDF of this workshop:  Relationships



If you would like to share your pages or just your thoughts please join the Facebook Tarot Visual Journaling Group


I hope this workshop will bring some deep insight into your relationship.

Lisa de St. Croix